Secretary Message

IMS has been a pioneer Institute in private sector grooming budding managers. we are today known as one of the reputed business schools in the country and also known for the rigorous academic programme and management training.

Indian industry is now at the threshold of emerging as a major economic force. this provides ample opportunities as well as challenges unheard of so far. Future managers should have the ability, willingness and right value orientation to convert these challenges into profitable opportunities to make india a developed nation. At IMS we firmly believe that a good B-School not only focus on developing managers or even successful leaders but responsible citizens who will serve as role models for others. Our students are trained to face present day challenges and to use their skills to define the future of management.

Students of IMS enjoy their stay with us enormously and therefore demonstrate a high level of creativity, innovation and a spirit of teamwork. the academic atmosphere in the institute is so conducive that it helps bring out the best in every student; this has helped them to develop their personalities and improve their performance which has in turn led IMS Alumni reach very senior levels in top companies all over the world.

Sunil Rampuris
Hon. Secretary

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