Master of Business Administration

MBA from Institute of Management Studies empowers You in making business decisions. Our MBA program trains students in the latest business trends and strategies. These strategies give students the competitive edge in facing today’s economic challenges. MBA programs and internships are also the arena for molding tomorrow’s business leaders. Unlike college education, MBA programs thrive on actual business cases and scenarios. Another benefit that comes with an MBA degree is the establishment of strong connections with potential business allies and partners. By forming valuable networks within the academe and other business associations, students receive a vast source of potential business opportunities from different fields and industries.

The MBA program at Institute of Management Studies is an educational experience hallmarked by academic rigor in a curriculum interwoven with current business issues and research, beyond-the-classroom professor interaction, unparalleled student services.

Designed to maximize the time and commitment of the student, the MBA program offers convenience and responsiveness to the scheduling and educational needs of students. Courses are taught by Professors and Professionals active in the business Community and scholarship.