About Insititute

The institute

Institute of Management Studies is an AICTE (Ministry of HRD, Government of India) approved, contemporary, smart and innovative Management Institution with a focus on Business led research. The Institute was awarded with grade ‘A+’ and ‘a’ according to surveys conducted by Business India in recent past. Established in 1984, it has traversed a long path t earn an enviable name, as one of the major centers of excellence in management education, training and research in the country. Our USP is our location with access to the best industry professionals, an advisory Board of corporate honchos, infrastructure, International linkages, extra-curricular, co-curricular and outreach activities.

Institute of Management Studies has an unconditional commitment to quality education and research in topics that are forward-focused and relevant to the development sector and corporate world today. for almost three decades, it has built an outstanding reputation for program excellence and a high quality learning experience. Our Faculty strives to equip young people from all over the country to make meaningful contributions to an economy that is increasingly becoming a significant entity in the global arena. IMS has a proud legacy of advancing the careers of our students and transforming organizations through our programs. we use rigorous and intensive integrated teaching methods to prepare the students to take up business and managerial positions in any environment. Academic excellence, holistic education, global relevance and contemporaneous curriculum continue to be the corner stones of IMS’s educational edifice.

IMS has shown its quality performance by giving its nurtured brains to various reputed organizations in India and abroad. We provide a unique platform to the students, encouraging conceptual understanding and providing the right focus, based on industry needs. The training to the budding managers is imparted by updating them with the functional knowledge and communicating human dynamics in the context of global competitions and cultural diversity. Special focus is laid on the needs of the organizations working in this Global village. Learning process is intensive and reinforced with individual as well as group study, making use of both participative and interactive methods. Students of the institute have always stood as rank holders in the university and the alumni are a part of various multinational corporations and public sector enterprises at senior positions in the county and abroad.

The Institute adopts a combination of Classroom teaching, case studies, guest lectures, seminars, industrial cum educational tour, management games and quizzes, on job practical training etc. as a part of the routine curriculum activities. Through innovative techniques we aim to provide out students with a foray of creativity and out of the box thinking. We understand the competitive levels along with the need for adaptation to the fast paced corporate world, and strive to prepare out students accordingly.

About Commerce and Management Education

Effective business processes support successful companies in all major industries and influence the growth of companies and economies at the local, regional, and global levels. As companies expand, so does their need for individuals with specialized skills in business fields such as marketing, operations management, human resources, and accounting. the prosperity of nations and regions depends heavily on the sustainability of the companies located within them, as will as the credibility of the financial markets that support them. Furthermore, the innovation of products. processes, and technology, which enables  companies and nations to become more competitive, requires management teams that are capable of effectively prioritizing investments, allocating resources, and aligning human capital to achieve strategic objectives.

Business school graduates have been filling these roles since the early 19th century, when the first school of business, the Ecole Superieure de Commerce of Paris, was established as a response to the need for more formal management training brought about by the Industrial Revolution. In 1884, the world’s first Bachelor of Finance degrees were granted by the newly formed Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania. Over the course of the past century, business schools have successfully established a strong presence within collegiate institutions in all countries of the world.

Today, the tradition begun by these schools is carried on by thousands of business schools around the world that continue to produce graduates who play critical roles in the day-to-day operations and long-term sustainability of successfull businesses.

The practice of commerce and management is not reserved exclusivel for business school graduates, contrary to the practice of medicine or law, where certification is often required, or the hard sciences such as engineering or chemistry, where formal training is widely understood to be necessary preparation. Indeed, management practice is pervasive. It is something that almost every employee must do, whether he or she works in large global corporations or is self-employed. It is the pervasiveness of management practice, rather than its exclusivity, that makes quality business schools so vital to individuals, organizations, and societies around the world.

Our Vision:

Be among the country’s foremost business schools, fostering thought, leadership and managerial excellence driving up personal and corporate performance, national productivity and ultimately social well-being.

Our Mission:

In order to accomplish this vision we are committed to our mission of:

Developing, encouraging and supporting the lifelong development of managers, socially-conscious leaders, entrepreneurs and managers for facilitating and enhancing the global competitiveness of organizations through excellence in education, research and training by raising the level of competence and qualification of management.

Providing training in key areas that are consistent with the current and future needs for regional development and regional integration in the areas of management and business studies.

Offering programs in management education that allow personal development of students, effective utilization of resources available and contribute to national capacity building objective.

Our Values:

  • Respect for the community
  • Passion for academic excellence
  • Passion for professional excellence
  • High ethical standards
  • Respect for the Individual
  • Concern for Society